• Create a private VPS for group penetration testing


    You can create a VPS with restricted network access to a single IP address for penetration testing or setting up a development environment.  Connecting to the VPS would be done through another VPS acting as a proxy server, with relevant hacking tools installed.  The restricted VPS would be able to run vulnerable services and websites […]

  • Simple Farm: MediaWiki extension review


    http://mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Simple_Farm Simple Farm is an extension for the website software MediaWiki, used to run Wikipedia, that allows multiple wikis to be run from the same set of MediaWiki files.  It is ideal for anyone looking to start a website based on a series of wikis.   It is also a useful for creating multiple websites […]

  • How to make WordPress more secure


    WordPress has been called a backdoor into the server because of vulnerabilities that can be exploited, especially with improper use.  It include features that make it convenient, but also very dangerous if they are exploited.  This is not a comprehensive list of everything that will make WordPress virtually unhackable, but they can help prevent and […]

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