• Kickstarter Brings Command Gestures Via TapTap


    For years now, companies have been talking about wearable computing, but most always made you look like you were a cyborg from a bad sci-fiction movie. A small engineering firm called Woodenshark has created a wearable device for tactile communication. The TapTap is a pair of lightweight bracelet that are worn on two people. When […]

  • Google, Facebook and Apple Bring Clean Power to North Carolina


    Renewable energy in the United States accounts for about 13% of domestic electricity production. Of that renewable energy, 58% is from hydroelectric sources, 27% from wind, 11% from biomass, 3% from geothermal and less than 1% from solar. In North Carolina, most electricity is generated using coal or nuclear power. Only 3% of the state’s […]

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