• I Can’t Find A Use For A Tablet


    Judging by the title of this post, you might peg me as some kind of a noob.  After all, tablets, iPads and other touch-based devices are all the rage right now. You might even make the assumption that I don’t even own a tablet. I assure you though, there are several tablets (or “paperweights” as […]

  • Technology For The Cool Kids


    I would have been a computer person all my life but my keen awareness of social status would keep my inner geekiness just out of reach.  High school didn’t have any computer classes either. In my peer group, it was cool to work on cars, smoke cigarettes and drink beer. Being tech savvy was not […]

  • A Bits, Bytes and Binary Primer


    Information in the digital realm must be able to be measured, counted and understood by the human brain. It is said that the words data and information can be used interchangeably, however by further studying the fundamental mechanics of computers, we can begin to draw conclusions that data does not become information unless it has […]

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