• Facebook, Privacy, and Geeks


    In light of Facebook’s mood changing experiments there has been backlash against Facebook, but none of us are really expecting change. It would be crazy to think that Facebook would ever change due to a few people speaking out against it when there are 1,000,000,000+ users. There are those who scream about how Facebook infringes […]

  • From Windows to Ubuntu.. Seven Months


     It has been seven months to the day since I left Windows. I opened my door on that cold day and picked up a small cardboard box. In it was the last part of my first build, my motherboard. I quickly ran into my kitchen were the rest of the parts sat on the counter. […]

  • DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4… Then What?


    As DDR4 SDRAM roles out into production this year, we still have a question to be answered. What will come next? DDR4 SDRAM will most likely be the last DDR SDRAM to be produced. Newer technologies which are non-volatile (Can hold memory even when powered off) are being researched.  Phase-change Memory (PRAM or PCM) is […]

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