• Foxy Proxy & Chaining Multiple Proxy Servers


    Introduction: FoxyProxy is an add-on for different internet browsers. This add-on works as a switch to turn on or off proxy servers. There are two different versions available which are basic and standard,  FoxyProxy basic version itself offers many impressive features. Users can run their own private proxy if users have access to an unrestricted […]

  • What’s New With The Wifi Pineapple Mark V


    The guys over at Hak5 have created yet another revision of their infamous Wifi Pineapple, If you haven’t heard of this then you’re missing out.   Basically this Wifi Pineapple makes it possible to act as a router, this can be handy for MiTM attacks. This works because all windows based OS’s send out a […]

  • BitTorrent Sync Is Here!


    BitTorrent Sync, is available in BETA and can be found at http://www.bittorrents.com/sync  Let’s take a look at how BitTorrent Sync differs from traditional data storage cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. One of the major differences is BitTorrent Sync bypasses an actual server farm for doing cloud computing. Instead, BitTorrent Sync turns your […]

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