• The person with the loudest voice isnt alway right!


    So I was at a downtown music festival on Thursday night and there were two guys with megaphones talking about how we needed to be saved by Jesus Christ. They would take questions from people and give answers. The answers basically boiled down to “if you don’t believe what we believe your going to hell”. Well I […]

  • Is the desktop dying? yes, at least for 95 percent of people.


    So I have seen some posts on this site about whether or not the desktop is dying and such. Some say yes others say no. Here is how I see it. In America at least where I live 95 percent of people that use computers could care less whether they are using a desktop, laptop, […]

  • The demise of computer repair and pulling cable.


    So I have seen a lot of back and forth on the internet about whether or not one should repair computers for a living or pull cable. Lets tackle cable pulling first.  Where I live in America there is 1 place that pulls cable for business’s and they pull it for around 1/3rd of the state. Your […]

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