• Noisy Computer Fan?


    There is nothing more irritating  than a noisy computer fan. Noisy computer fans are not just irritating it can also be embarrassing at LAN parties. Believe me I have been in one of those situations before. Sit back relax and let me tell you how to sort out that noisy little bugger! Firstly you are […]

  • Bitcoin Litecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies


    What is a crypto currency? A Crypto currency is a digital currency like PayPal but it is different in a few ways. Other than PayPal crypto currencies are a decentralized digital currency. You may ask “Why would I benefit from something like this?” Well you can send money direct from one person to another without […]

  • Computer heating up?


    One of the the most frustrating issue a computer user has is having their system or rig heating up. A lot of people don’t care if their system heats up. Well I am going to tell you why you should care if your  system heats up or not. If your components need to work with […]

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