• LastPass Premium Review


    GeekBrainDump gave me 1 year subscription for LastPass Premium. LastPass is the most popular password manager that works cross-platform on any device you have. You can download and use LastPass free but if you want to go with the premium version the price is 12$ a year. LastPass is great, you don’t need to focus […]

  • Build your website offline with USBWebserver


    Do you build websites ? How ? Online or offline ? I did both online and offline, and I will tell you why offline is better in this post. To be more clearly: Your website must be online always, but instead of building it directly online, you better build it offline, and then you push […]

  • Run your Android games and apps on your PC or Mac


    Do you want to run your favorite Android apps on your computer ? There are mainly two ways to do that: Download some Android iso image, mount it on VirtualBox and install, but your apps might be crashing a lot. And if games don’t crash, you can’t realy play them because the controls are not […]

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