What’s the Concept Behind GeekBrainDump.com?

Having been a technical professional for approx. 20 years and having been responsible for researching and implementing new solutions for businesses what I have found is that most tech “news” sites are basically worthless.  Tech News sites generally fall into 2 categories. They either write about soft topics such as Sheryl Sandberg’s husbands death, or they are basically review sites that hyper focus on equipment specs. Neither of these things really matter when a tech is trying to figure out their 5 year deployment plans. (Please note I am sympathetic to Sheryl Sandberg, but am at a loss as to why it matters to more than the circle of folks they dealt with)

This site is focused on giving techs heads up about technologies or business concepts they may not have heard about before so that they can have a better idea of what is available to them now, or will be shortly.

Is This Just An Advertising Site?

Because we talk about products so much it is reasonable to ask if we are simply a mill for sponsored stories. As of now there are no sponsored stories, nor is there a plan to add them. I prefer to sell painfully obvious advertising so that readers don’t question the integrity of what is being discussed in our posts. As of this moment the only advertising that is being sold is standard banner ads, and currently they are simply being provided by AdSense. I’ve read too many sponsored stories that are a complete waste of time to try to foist them off on anyone else.  Geeks don’t waste other geeks time.

Also I do not believe in Affiliate Programs and so there are no Affiliate Links on the site. I believe that as soon as I start making a buck off of a sale it calls into question whether my opinions are authentic.

Why Are There A Lot of Odd, Painfully Written Posts on the Site?

Approx. a year ago I launched GeekBrainDump.com as a community content site.  Anyone could post articles about whatever they decided was interesting in the world of technology. There… were a lot of issues with this concept and so the site was locked down after around 10 months of operation.

Now that I’m revamping the site I do not want the old contributors to feel as if their hard work was worthless.  For at least the foreseeable future the old posts will remain, with the author credit given. This is my way of showing respect and acknowledgement to supporters of a project that ended up failing.

What’s Happened with “Eli the Computer Guy”?

That’s a great question!

What’s the Editorial Bias of the Site?

This sites bias is squarely on how to increase revenue and profit for your organization.  I really don’t care about OS’s or vendors.  Buy and deploy what works best for you. The writing for this site will lean to considerations of TCO, ROI, Corporate Compliance, and overall stability and reliability of infrastructure.

How Can I Contact You?

As always my email address is Eli[at]EliTheComputerGuy.com. If you are a PR person please feel free to send me as many press releases as you like. I’ll let you know if I write about your product/ company.

If you have questions please feel free to email, but please… for the love of all that is holy… understand I get a lot of email in a given day… If I don’t respond to you it’s nothing personal, it’s that I just don’t have anything to say.

If you want to sponsor GeekBrainDump.com by all means email me, but at the moment monetization of the site isn’t a high priority.

If you want to write for the site please send me a link with what you currently have published.  A personal blog is fine, but I need to see a body of written work.  Currently I am not paying writers, but the plan is to make this a profitable business so paying decently for content is in the plans.

Final Thoughts…

My goal for this site is to be a place that Tech’s visit once a day so that they can keep up to date with what is going on in the world of information technology.  Posts will be short and direct with links so that readers can do further research if they find the idea interesting.

There will be bias and opinion, but snark will be kept to a minimum. If opinions can’t be backed up with real information, or experience they don’t need to be stated.

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