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While the business of basic computer repair might be dead in many areas (I will admit that in many other areas it is still a viable endeavour), data recovery absolutely is not. If you think about it, more and more things are making their way onto digital data mediums like hard drives. Music. Personal family photos. Professional resumes. Those all important PowerPoint presentations. University school work. Pretty much anything you can think of that you do on a computer, laptop, tablet or other electronic device is going to require some form of storage. So what happens when that storage goes bad ? Let’s be realistic, most people don’t keep regular backups. If we’re all being honest, most of us reading this probably don’t keep current-enough backups. The more data we create, the more the data recovery industry grows, as one could expect.

Enter Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier (RUC). RUC is a software tool that allows you to read a hard drive and recover files and folders, even if you can’t access them through regular Windows explorer. As long as the hard drive can boot up and Windows can connect / “see” the physical interface (SATA in most cases), you can try and recover data with RUC.

What you need: A working computer running Windows (7, 8, 8.1 or 10) and either a free internal SATA drive bay and motherboard connector, or an external USB hard drive dock (my personal choice).

In ‘copy’ mode, the software basically copies the data from the problem hard drive to the good working hard drive on the running system. The problem hard drive can have bad sectors, physical scratches, or other issues which would normally render the drive useless. RUC can work past these problems by attempting to recover every readable piece of a file and then put it all back together again. Even if some pieces are missing, RUC can often still recover the data by filling in the missing pieces.

On my shop’s workbench, RUC is an essential tool. It’s one of our ‘last ditch efforts’ before deeming the drive unrecoverable using conventional methods. The only alternative at this point is sending the drive out to a clean lab, where they disassemble the physical components and recover the data using a variety of specialized equipment (read: expensive).

You can learn more about Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier here:


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