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Find End Of Support Date For Microsoft Products

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A big problem when it comes to supporting Microsoft products is knowing when the support for them will end.  Many times servers and systems are deployed and then simply forgotten about.  As long as they keep providing the services they were designed for no one thinks about them.  Unfortunately this means many machines are well past their expiration date and prone to viruses and attacks that modern software is not susceptible to. Although most techs know when Server 2003 support will end how many know how long Lync Server 2010 will be supported?

Thankfully Microsoft has an easy to use web page that allows you to search and see what the Support Lifecycle for their software is.  Simply go to: and search for the product you are interested in.

Not only is it a good idea to keep track of your products as a general practice, but this may also help you win the argument with your client or CEO about upgrading their infrastructure.  Simply saying, “It make me really nervous to have systems on the network that Microsoft no longer supports.” can win over executives when they’d prefer to the invest their money elsewhere.


Eli Etherton

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