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Thunderbolt 3 Allows Laptops To Use External Graphics Cards

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One of the main reasons that many people keep buying Desktop PC’s is for the ability to upgrade graphics cards.  Whether you’re a gamer, or doing video editing work the graphics card can become a major issue.  It’s infuriating to have a laptop with a good processor, RAM and storage and yet have to buy a new one so that you can play the game you want.  With Thunderbolt 3 this dynamic changes, and we may finally really be able to kill Desktop PC’s for good.

Thunderbolt 3 has numerous features but the one that may prove the most interesting is that it is fast enough to allow for the use of external video cards:

Gamers can now connect plug ‘n’ play external graphics to a notebook to enjoy the latest games at recommended or higher settings.

Not only does this mean that you won’t need a Desktop PC for high end graphics, but it may also mean that “gaming” laptops can become lighter and less bulky.  A problem with current gaming laptops is that they are heavy, and large.  If the graphics card no longer needs to be built into the laptop itself this would the reduce size and weight of the laptop.

Thunderbolt has been a great technology that has made a surprisingly small impact.  Maybe with version 3 it will convince gamers to adopt it which will drive the rest of the industry.

Learn more about Thunderbolt 3 here:


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