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Logic Supply Sells Intel NUC PC’s For Industrial Environments

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The Intel NUC (that’s Next Unit of Computing) is one of the leading products in the “mini computing” field. Into its 5th generation of models, Intel has become one of the front-runners in this growing industry. When you can get a full desktop in a 4 inch x 4 inch form factor, complete with the latest HDMI monitor connections and SSD hard drive capability, you really can’t beat it. But the traditional NUC is still a computer aimed at the office space. What happens when you need something for a more industrial application ?

Enter the world of custom hardware. I’ve done business with a company named Logic Supply, who specializes in transforming the standard factory Intel NUC into a workstation that’s designed for an industrial, heavy-duty environment. Built to withstand temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius (that’s 122 degrees Fahrenheit), it has no fans and no vent holes to worry about. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s completely waterproof (keep in mind it still has USB and power and HDMI ports), but with its solid aluminum case, I’m not as worried about it being in a harsh environment.

I’ve deployed a number of these industrial NUCs for clients that needed them installed in shop, manufacturing or other environments where the standard plastic NUC just wouldn’t cut it. And so far, I’ve been very happy with them. Remember, when you’re looking at recommending technology solutions, the environment that the technology is going into is something that you need to consider and take into account. The greatest computer in the world isn’t going to be of much use when sawdust clogs its ventilation ports after 2 weeks.

More details about the industrial NUC can be found here:


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