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WebRTC Is Still Not Well Supported

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WebRTC (Real Time Communication) is an amazing technology that has been languishing for far too long.  WebRTC allows browsers to access your microphone and video camera so that you can use your web browser for voice and video communication.  So if you want to talk with someone using your PC or smartphone you could simply use FireFox and not have to deal with a Skype client or even a Flash plugin.  The goal is that web programmer could code entire communication systems that will work through any browser regardless of the OS they are on.  Beyond interoperability the benefit of WebRTC is that the communication is  browser to browser so that there is no inherent latency that is experienced when communications have to be routed through a main server.  WebRTC is amazing, and it really works!  Sadly it’s still miserably supported.

Is WebRTC Ready Yet has done a good chart on where WebRTC currently stands (

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It’s interesting to note that the major OS vendors seem to have no interest in WebRTC.  Safari has zero compliance, and IE has 2 kinda sorta works abilities.

If you haven’t looked into WebRTC you really should.  It’ll be the future of communication if anyone ever decides to fully support it.



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  1. Dean Bubley May 25, 2015 at 11:41 am

    You’re missing a few important details:

    1) Wide support for mobile webrtc implementations through native frameworks & 3rd party APIs/PaaS. There are dozens of iOS apps embedding WebRTC. It’s not just about browsers
    2) Microsoft supporting what looks like the next evolution / parallel track (ORTC) along with Google
    3) plug-ins for IE & Safari available if really needed

    There’s about 100m+ active users of WebRTC apps already (eg Snapchat video, Hangouts, banking apps, Amazon Mayday etc)

    Dean Bubley

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