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Learn About IoT From “Deconstructing IoT Videos” By Temboo

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If you’ve heard that IoT (Internet of Things) is the future, then you’re probably becoming aware that finding decent semi technical introduction training for IoT isn’t the easiest to find.  If you don’t already know what Arduino, Python or an IDE most of the “introduction” material will be over your head.

Temboo is a web app that allows you to easily create IoT code through a graphical web interface (Opinion alert… It’s REALLY cool.) As part of their PR campaign they have created a web video series on how IoT works that explains concepts in very down to earth ways.  The average user should be able to follow these videos even if they have no idea what TCP/IP means.

The material covered is definitely biased towards Temboo’s product, but being that Temboo simplifies the coding process this isn’t necessarily bad.  Instead of having to trying to decipher code someone else is typing you can watch them build the code form graphical components that are logically easier to understand.

If you want a decent introduction to IoT, or are trying to convince your boss/ client why IoT matters you should watch a few of the videos here:


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