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Easily Create IoT Code With Temboo

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Many people find it funny that Eli “the Computer Guy” hates to code, but the fact of the matter is that I do. It’s not that I don’t understand API’s or arrays it’s that coding requires a level of precision and pure memorization that is just not my strong suit. Up until now in the tech world this hasn’t mattered a great deal.  Our industry was separated by the people who code on one side, and the people who build and maintained on the other.  As we move into the world of IoT (Internet of Things) this delineation is breaking down.

If a modern tech wants to “build” an IoT device not only do they have to know what components to snap together, but they also have to tell that new device what it’s supposed to do. IoT Devices can be customized so easily to do so many functions that is no longer practicable to simply use prewritten code for all use cases.  Sadly when many techs see that they have to “code” in order to deploy IoT they simply give up.

Temboo seeks to change this though process by giving an easy to use web based graphical interface that allows you to graphically build IoT programs.  You select the IoT board you’re coding for. You then add in “Choreos” which are basically prewritten functions for various services.  From there you give the Choreo the specific instructions and actions you want to happen (If Temperature is greater than 100 send SMS). Once you are done Temboo gives you the code in a text box and you can copy and paste the code to the interface you use to upload to your IoT Board, and you’re done.

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The pricing gets to be a bit convoluted, but they have a free version to play with and a “Maker” version for $7 a month that is more than adequate for testing and small scale implementation purposes.

Basically your IoT device will connect to Temboo whenever it runs the code you created in order to run the Choreo.  These Choreo’s are on Temboo’s servers not local on your IoT Device. Each time a Choreo runs it’s counted as a “Call”.  You get so many Calls per month based on the plan you bought. (250 for free, 25,000 for $7 per month, $49 for 100K and $349 for a million) Then there is Data Transfer cost which is the amount of data transmitted between Tempos servers and any third party services your device is communicating with.

At the end of the day Temboo may or may not be something you want to integrate in your production devices. The main benefit of Temboo is that for a very low cost it gives techs a way to wrap their heads around the concept of coding for IoT.  Afterwards they may decide to get rid of the middleman and learn to code themselves, or may figure $49 a month is cheap if it means they don’t have to remember where the semicolons are supposed to go.  The thing is they’ll be able to decide this after they have created working devices.

Check out Temboo here:


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