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AOL Dialup Service Still Costs $14.95 Per Month

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America Online has been in the news the past few days for the impending purchase by Verizon. What has surprised many people is that AOL still has approx. 2 million dialup subscribers.  Dialup and 56Kbps modems seem like something left back in the 90’s but apparently a lot of people still use it. Not only is this a service that is still being supported for legacy users, but you can go out and signup for it today if you wanted to.

For $14.95 per month you receive not only unlimited dialup access but also a slew of seemingly odd add ons  such as 8% cash back when you book travel through and Lifelock Identity Theft Protection. Where it gets a bit funny/ odd is where they throw in such cloud based services as 15GB of Online Storage for Photos and 5GB of Storage with Norton Online Backup.  Can you imagine uploading 15GB on a 56Kbps connection?

You can check out AOL’s Dialup Offerings here:

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  1. Trey Hildebrand June 3, 2015 at 11:02 am

    So no netflix or online gaming…….

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