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Dual Screen SmartPhone From YotaPhone

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I know what most people’s reaction is when the hear of a dual screen smartphone, but I was able to play with them at CES this year and once you get one in your hand it makes much more sense. YotaPhone is building a smartphone with a standard screen on one side, and an e-ink display on the back.

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The e-ink display serves a number of purposes and ends up looking and working well.  For the majority of people the best part of having an e-ink display on the back is that it uses a fraction of the power of a normal display.  Most of the time when people turn on the screen on their phones they do it simply to see if they have new email, or check on the time.  The e-ink display can show this information without the heavy drain on the battery.  Not only that, but with now extra power consumption it can always be on so that you don’t have to swipe, or push a button to wake the phone.

Beyond this many people find reading on e-ink to be easier on the eyes. I personally read on my Kindle every day, and only very rarely use the Kindle app on my iPad. I just wrote a post on how after purchasing my Note 4 I now very rarely use my iPad for anything. If my phablet had an e-ink display on the back it’s very likely I’d give up my Kindle too.

Overall the dual screen smartphone really is something that you have to play with to fully grasp.  The versions I was able to demo at CES looked good, and worked well. My only real question with this concept is why the major manufacturers haven’t already stollen the idea.

You can find out more about the YotaPhone on their website:


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