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Windows 10 IoT Core OS Runs On Raspberry Pi 2

Microsoft No Comments on Windows 10 IoT Core OS Runs On Raspberry Pi 2 449

The latest version of Windows Embedded OS for Windows 10 will run not just on x64 processors, but also be able to run on Raspberry Pi’s and Qualcomm’s DragonBoard 410c. The Embedded version of Windows has been around a long time, at least since Windows NT 4.0, and is generally used for purpose built systems such as ATM machines or other types of kiosk computer devices. The Windows 10 IoT version will now allow people to create devices that perform physical actions such as robots.Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.18.48 PM


Although many people will dismiss Windows IoT outright and choose to stick with Linux, the ability to create devices that can easily connect to the Microsoft stack could be very impressive.  Being able to assign permissions and create security policies for automated devices could make for a very interesting environment. Additionally in the Enterprise Environment where corporations are already enveloped in the Microsoft Ecosystem it may be easier to certify Windows 10 IoT devices for corporate compliance policies, and they may already have hundreds of in house developers experienced with the Windows World.

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Regardless of whether you think Windows IoT is a good idea or not it does show that you should be starting to think about the security and resource requirements of IoT devices on your network.  At the expected rate of growth for IoT it will make the previous BYOD transition seem simple.

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