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Question: How Can You Remotely Administer An Ubuntu Server From A Tablet

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Do you know if there is a client in order to connect remotely from a tablet to a PC that runs Ubuntu server?

If you want to connect to an Ubuntu server, or any Linux server, remotely you can use SSH to give yourself CLI access from anywhere.

Basically with SSH you install OpenSSH onto the Ubuntu server and then you use a Terminal Emulator to connect to the server.  Type in Username and Password and it’s just like you’re sitting in front of the box.  The best thing about SSH is that since you’re using text for input and output you don’t have to worry about your connection speed.  A 56Kbps is good enough to do SSH which means you can easily manage your systems from your tablet or even your smartphone.

To use SSH the SSH Server has to be installed on your server. Here are some generic directions, but depending on your server and environment you may have to do some further research to set it up properly.  On a clean box, in a simple environment it’s exceedingly easy to do.

Once that has been done you just install an SSH Client on your tablet.  I’d say just go to the App store on your device, type in SSH Client and then pick which ever one looks good to you.  You may want to do some research on Google to find the one you like best, but really the core capabilities you’ll need will be available in whichever one you pick.

The only thing beyond the server setup, and the client setup is making sure Port Forwarding and the Firewall rules are configured properly in the router.


If you’re going to be using SSH on a box with an Internet facing port you may want to check out Fail2Ban for added security:


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  1. David H. June 2, 2015 at 8:11 am

    As someone who has used the JuiceSSH app for a number of years, I have had little to no issues with it for administering my Ubuntu servers (2 of them). I found that using a SSH key with a passphrase and disabling login with a password has made server administration relatively secure. Additionally, there is support for the Amazon EC2 API by entering the token information if that is a cloud platform that you use to host your VPS.

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