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CES 2016 Will Be Capping Attendance

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CES sent out a tweet this morning stating that the attendance to CES 2016 will be capped. This is after the 2015 CES brought in over 170,000 attendees.

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As a regular attendee of CES I can say that this is surprising, but as an attendee not unnecessarily unwelcome.  The scale of CES is mind boggling and literally it has gotten to the point that it’s popularity means that it’s simply very difficult to even walk around many times, much less find a bathroom or buy a cup of coffee.  I don’t even bother looking at the more popular booths from the likes of Intel because you can’t see anything, much less ask a question.

I’ll be curious to see with the attendance cap if they also decide to start scaling down the overall size of CES, or at the very least hold it where it’s at.  I find the crush of attendees to be annoying, but the cost of doing business.  What I find to be an actual problem over the past 2 years is that the event is literally so big I can’t get to all of the venues. Now that they are using Aria as a venue for the “C Space” it’s darn near impossible to create a plan to see everything since the venues are becoming so spread out.

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The big takeaway from this is that you should get your CES tickets early this year.  I’m one of those folks that generally doesn’t get around to registering until December simply because there hasn’t been a cap before.  But now if there is a cap not only do you have to worry about CES running out of tickets, but I’d bet a huge number of people that are undecided will simply register early and burn up seats they might not actually use.

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