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Track Loved Ones with Instagram

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In the post Snowden NSA revelation world it can be easy to forget that sometimes being tracked can be a good thing. As my wife and I travel the country in our travel trailer I’m finding Instagram to be a terrific way to prove to my family members that I’m in fact still alive and doing OK.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t just not like to talk to anyone on the phone, but frankly I forget that I even should call people in the first place.  My poor father can end up waiting up to 3 weeks for me to get around to returning his voicemail. Normally I’m not overly concerned about this, but being that my wife and I have no set agenda and really could accidentally fall off a cliff somewhere it seems as if I should at least let everyone know I am still in fact alive.

I find Instagram to do a terrific job because it allows me to take and share pictures in real time, and I am able to geotag them as they get uploaded.  It’s amazing to be hiking 5 miles into the wilderness and still be able to instantly upload a picture of a cool lizard.  If I get lost the best place to start looking for me is right there on everyones smartphone.



This could be a useful tool for modern parenting too.  Just tell your kid to take a picture with their friends when they arrive where they’re going.  It’s less annoying than having to call to check in, and although it can be hacked, the geotagging will be more trustworthy than simply getting your kids word for where they are.




Eli Etherton

I am Eli "the Computer Guy" and have been in the tech industry for approx. 20 years doing all kinds of odd projects. I started as an electronics tech in the US Army, worked in corporate IT during the IT Boom, was an individual consultant and grew my tech shop to have numerous full time employees and supported small business clients with computer repair/ server maintenance/ web development/ surveillance systems/ telephone systems until the great recession. After that I started creating video training on all the topics I know and now have a YouTube Channel with over 500K subscribers. I am the founder of and my plan is to create a tech "news" site that I would actually find useful if I was still in the server room.

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