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Question: Can a Mac Running VM’s Replace a Standard Windows PC?

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Hey whats going on man? I hope all is week. I was in the middle on watching your review on the MacBook Pro and now I have a quick question for you.

Like yourself, I too am an IT professional, now I’m not sure what kind of work environment you’re company is on a regular basis but I’m in one that is heavily windows based. Like 98% windows and 2% mac. So the past couple years I figured it made since to stick with an asus or hp machine. But lately Ive really been wanting to replace my entire setup at home with a loaded 15inch MacBook Pro.

My question is do you think windows vm’s can repace my existing machines. I need to be able to do work in the windows OS for work. At the sametime, Ive been wanting a Mac for a really long time. Any thoughts on this situation?

All I can say is that if you have the money for it you won’t be disappointed migrating to a Mac and using Windows in a VM. I’ve been doing this for a year and a half and it is simply an amazing experience.

The drawback is that you should get the top of the line MacBook Pro.  The reason being is that you’ll need the 16GB of RAM for the VM’s you’ll be running, and you’ll need at least 512GB of Storage.  Many people try to be cheap by not buying enough storage and then when they start really using their Windows VM they run out of space.  DO NOT try to run the VM from a USB drive.

You could run the VM from a Thunderbolt connected drive, but once you get used to the speed of the Mac’s PCIe SSD everything else will seem horrible…

I personally use VMware fusion for virtualization and love the “Unity” view.  In this view you can open a Window on the Mac with just the Windows Application running in it.  It looks as if the app is actually running in the Mac and you don’t have to worry about switching between the OS’s.

The other thing I like with the Mac is that with a Multi Finger Swipe you can scroll between desktops.  So Windows is open in one Desktop and if I need to get back to OS X I simply swipe right and I’m on the OS X Desktop.

MacBook pro’s are really phenomenal especially if you add VMware for virtualization.  I’ve owned mine for a year and a half and in that time I’ve had to force a reboot maybe 5 times, and the only real issue was that there used to be a problem with the Wireless reconnecting after bringing it out of sleep, but that seems to have been fixed with an update.

The drawback with Mac’s are the price, and that you really can;t fix them yourself.  The benefit is that they’re the best machines on the market by a long shot.


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