I have been studying for MCSE for sometime, and what I found is that you can easily mistake knowledge for relevance. As technologist it is necessary to understand technology at a fundamental level, that level does not have to be at the lowest layer, but a deep understanding is important. In fact the passion that we have for technology is fueled by knowing how it works.

So what about relevance? Well this is something that I have been dealing with lately. For sometime I have been looking for the correct medium that I can extend my knowledge and experience to others in the I.T field, mostly basic networking. I was face with two main choices, video lessons most likely Youtube videos, or written lessons which will be hosted on a website.

I decided on written lessons, and this is where relevance became important to me. In the past, all I was concern about was filling my head with the knowledge of how technology works. I have experimented on deploying apache server and building website in html, but was this the correct path to accomplishing my goal of creating lessons for others. After getting pass the idea of  how cool it would be if I deployed my own linus server hosting my website, the question of relevance came to mind. Is it worth it?

The outcome was that I went to Godaddy.com bought a domain name and a hosting plan, learned to use wordpress in about two hours, and started on creating a site to my liking. If I had taken the other way of doing everything myself, I’m sure I would have enjoy the process, but it would have taken much longer. Yes I’m a technologist who will continue to learn about technology and enjoy doing it, but I also learned how to be practical when it comes to making right choices in the field. Thank for reading, I will leave a link to my website please take a look if you have some time.






Ryan Toolsie

Constantly building on my technical knowledge and experience. Education: Bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology, Associates in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering. Ryan@HaimIT.com

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