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The PlayStation®4(‘PS4’) is Sony’s latest multi-media home entertainment system. Designed to play video games with PC architect hardware but the capability for movie streaming services, the PS4 is a device for almost everyone. The PS4 came out in November 14, 2013 and has been the best selling gaming device for the past year. For Christmas 2014, BestBuy had drop the price down to $349.99 for selling due to unknown reasons. I quickly snabbed this deal as I knew it was going back to the MSRP of $399.99. Since then, I have not regretted this buy. I totally agree this device should be sold to $399.99 as it is worth more than that. The experience I have had the retail version of the PS4 is amazing. It is smooth and high-def, everthing a low-end geek would want. With an output of 1080p 60 frames per second on most games, the PS4 dominates over competitors.

The consoles is easy and quick to setup. When you first turn it on, it of course has to update, such as any electronic, however the update can be done in less than 3 minutes on average US broadband connection. Then after the update, you can setup your free account with Sony Entertainment Network. Once you create your account you quickly get to setup your privacy settings. You can set privacy from anywhere between ‘Friends-of-Friends’ to ‘No-one’. You can after than you can start experiencing you device. This can all be done in 15 minutes or less for a non-tech user, “tested with family”.

After setup, the features on the PS4 are great! The social features are un-matchable. If you are a PS Plus member, all online features are available to you. The PS4 has an exclusive feature called Share-play which allows you to play your friends game over the internet. This features works with almost every game and is smooth if both you and your friend have high-speed internet. Also, the PS4 allows pausing of any game to watch media applications. For scenario, you are playing a game, and your boyfriend comes over. You can start an app like Netflix and when your movie is over, you can go straight back to your game.  There are several other features of the PS4 that I could not possibly go over in this review.

The PS4 has been well-selling and is a device for anyone, even if you are not a ‘gamer’. I give it a 5/5 as I love the console.

FCC: I work as a third-party for Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

PlayStation and PS4 are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


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