Automation: Do You Understand Its Growth

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Automation: Do You Understand Its Growth

I wrote: The Robots Are Here, Are You Replaceable

Looking at more and more jobs being automated, the robots are not the only ones on the rise. Programs made to just to free up time are actually doing the job .

Now there are new writing bots on the rise, what does that mean for journalists?

Will it affect you in content creation?

New reporting of the future, how will it be monitored? Will humans be censored? How can this help and hurt the future of social media and new reporting?

Your thoughts?


Warren Galloway

Warren Galloway is a currently a freelance multimedia web designer. Is that even a title any more? Digital Media Specialist - You Want it Digitally, I can do it. "Eli for President, we should be happy, but also very afraid."

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