Is there A version of Silverlight for Linux

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I have an Ubuntu linux computer at my Votech. I Try to use it every day, but we need Silverlight for our online courses. Many results show on google, but none have worked so far. Or is there software that will let me use silverlight. I have tried pipelight and it doesnt want to install. I Dont really like my windows systems. I thought maybe Geek Brain Dump has faced this issue before. Maybe Eli the computer guy. I have also thought about the Andriod opperating system, because I heard you can use it on a desktop. Would it be easier to install the andriod  Operating system? Also I dont really want to pay for anything with it being the Votech’s computer. I have tried several times for several months and a couple of weeks to get this running a version of silverlight. Please help As soon as possible. If there isnt a version, Could someone create a version for Ubuntu Linux, or maybe create one for the mobile phone. It would also help if i could do the online computer courses on my phone. Unfortunitly Windows doesnt let their stuff on thier phones lol. I Appreciate the help that Geek Brain Dump has offered so far. Just to catch up a bit, if you havent checked out my channel please do so. Its all about American Car,trucks,motorcycles,etc.

I have been very busy trying to get a job here recently. So sorry in advance. I got a few more videos lined up just waiting for the ice to melt.



I'm a senior in High School. I live in oklahoma. I am currently in Votech for Computer systems. I plan on combining the knowledge of computers with the art that is working on cars. so you might buy a car where the steering wheel boots into XP, when you start the car lol

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