Microsoft’s not so creative destruction or is it?

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Microsoft have clearly pissed of  serious tech professionals with their Touch UI in Windows 8. But people who are not so

geeky aren’t actually that pissed. Windows 8 released  during the time when I was still in college. Everybody who owned Laptops

upgraded to Windows 8, nobody complained about the User interface. The normal people (not geeky people) really liked windows

8,or they just didn’t complain about it. Most people I knew in college used their laptops for gaming or watching movies. Basically

I am trying to explain what the hell  they were thinking. Basically there are two types of consumers

1. Geeks

2.Non Geeks

From Geeky perspective, yes Microsoft screwed it up. But from a non geeky perspective. People liked the  pretty ,user friendly

stuff , and not  so intimidating UI .You know hide the super complicated stuff and just show what an average non-geek user

would use.Combining Mobile UI and desktop UI  is Microsoft’s weird way to bring heavy mobile  UI users feel more at home with

the desktop UI. I guess Microsoft directly went after non geeks. Like screw the serious tech professionals and go after the non-

geeks,that’s where the money is.

Like it or not there is a huge gaming community for Windows , you have so many classic games that is supported by

windows. So I would argue  Microsoft  has allot of protective nets, just like Apple from time to time people kept saying” Apple is

going to die”. I think  Microsoft will bounce back for sure, with a smaller market share unless Microsoft does something

extremely geek sexy.What really maybe going on now saying “Microsoft is going to die” is from geek frogs in a pond or maybe not

who knows!!





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