Rufus, the answer I’ve been looking for.

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I have been working too hard on a problem. I want to load an (legal) ISO copy of windows 7 to my 8gig Flash Drive.  I have tried everything from win to flash, WiNTOBootic, and even Windows USB/DVD Tool.

The answer was RUFUS.          rufus_en

This is by far the best and fastest tool to get the job done. It has successfully worked in Windows XP, 7, and 8.1. And I thank the good people who develop this utility.  This wasn’t easy I almost wrote off Rufus for good. One day while on my thinking chair (bathroom) I realized with windows 7 I was using FAT32. So I figures it couldn’t hurt to try NTSF. (anybody know why fat32 fails but ntfs works?) I know NTSF is new and better in terms of file compression but I am having a hard time looking up the reason why fat32 failed on me but NTFS works.  From windows XP and from windows distros from the past I had formatted my flash drive using Rufus as FAT32… WOW how the times have changed. I popped in the drive and selected NTFS. Moments later I had a bootable Windows 7 USB Flash drive. It’s funny in a way all the time and energy I wasted…uhhh used and the answer was a near synapse click away. The simplest solution is usually the one that works.

For the sake of others I am adding a link to this blog post.

The Rufus faqs

I hope this helps.


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