Fading era of Microsoft Certifications!

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Back in the year 2000, if someone had a Microsoft certification, it was considered to be a huge achievement. The big and huge difference between back then and now is the source of information for the real world of technology. Google did exist but has limited information, you tube did not exist; what did exist was different computer institutes teaching various technologies and an IT administrator who can share information, if at all you have any questions. So taking certifications after getting training from these institutes meant something really really big.

At this point in Dec. 2014, things are completely different. Almost every IT professional would have some kind of certifications, whether MCP or CCNA or A plus or N plus. We have a variety of sources available for information and with many dumps available in the internet, it has become relatively easy to take up a certification exam without a formal paid training. Setting up a lab at home is also not as costly as it used to be, so practical hands on training without going to institute is also possible without much of a trouble.

So where do these certifications stand? To be honest, this is still a criteria in many companies to get shortlisted but not a mandatory pre-requisite. However, I have seen some companies do require mandatory technical degree and without that the profile doesn’t even get shortlisted no matter how much knowledge you have or how many certifications you possess. One such company I know of is “CTS- Cognizant Technology Services”. My personal opinion on certifications are pretty much what the real world thinks – certifications provide you a theoretical overview of things which is important, real world experience gives you a practical experience on the technology. No matter how much they differ, both are equally important.

Microsoft Certifications are a bit tricky. The questions have to be answered based on Microsoft Products’ perspective, no matter how different it can be in real world. But one good thing about these certifications is that it gives a good overview of the theoretical knowledge which is really helpful in interviews.

The most funny part I find about Microsoft certifications is that they have become little costly from $80 to $150 but the importance of these certifications are fading away and less valued. No matter how many certifications you have, learning is an ongoing process in the real world of technology –both theory and practical, and it should continue at any cost. In this era, where you tube has almost any kind of information, Google provides you numerous learning opportunities, it should not be a big deal to take a certification exam.



Iam a Microsoft Certified IT Professional with certifications in Active Directory, Network Infrastructure and Server 2008. Apart from passion for learning new technologies, I speak German and very much interested in sharing my knowledge, whether it is German or Information Technology.

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  1. Ali Green January 11, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Quite. Certification’s are all well and good but real world experience has to be where the winning ticket. However, if you are attempting a career change, a return to the work place or are just starting out in the world of work, certifications are very, very useful. No that long ago I did not know the difference between a switch and a router, I now have a CCNA. This so called “Entry level certification” was very technically challenging to acquire. Knowing nothing about servers what so ever, I have recently began an MCSA in Server 2012 R2 with only a book from Sybex and YouTube videos and I can say that from what I’ve seen so far the level of complexity contained in the MCSA may lead you to believe that these cert’s aren’t all that much of a big deal, but for someone looking to get a start in the industry they are the most important things in the world….

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