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Let me describe a little bit about startup companies and how they operate, especially till the time they are still known as “Startups”.

Startups is a known word in modern world of technology and for some it seems like an exciting prospect. If someone has worked in a large organization, it is very exciting for that individual as the opportunities look big in a small group, just like the saying “Big fish in a small pond”. Recruiters in startups usually create this hype in the minds of employees and also when they are recruiting professionals, making them thinking big and growth opportunities within the organization.

One of the major drawbacks I have seen is the training or coaching facilities in these startups. Usually a Startup company expects you to learn on your own and execute plans, ideas. That sounds like a nice idea to many but may not be rightly so all the time. Because in every environment, things are different and in startups also, things may not be organized properly. Remember you are starting from scratch and you may not have the same vision as the employer even though you think in a similar way. An employer usually sees his inventory, his profit margin, growth opportunities of the company but an employee may be seeing only the growth opportunity of the company and himself. Even though it looks like a tiny difference, it is huge from a vision point of view. An employee cannot take decisions on the inventory and he may not be even aware of lot of things in a startup, like costs involved, budget which an employer usually does not disclose even with his closest employees.

So what happens if an employee does not show any signs of providing ideas or improvement- he is fired! And this is becoming more often where employers find faults in employees within the first few months and firing them for non-performance or no-improvement signs. Let me go back to where I began- an employee is given no prior formal training/coaching to this company – and employers expect him to execute everything on this own. Personally, I find this a ridiculous system.

There are green shades to startups too. But this is not the place where I can write those. The worst thing which can happen to any professional is getting fired and that is not a great place to be in, especially when someone can be hardworking and efficient with limited resources.

Where are these Startups heading: This is a question which I asked myself before writing this article and the answer lies in this article. The way employers fire employees to hire new employees gives very less importance a word named “Trust”.

Why not given them better training or coaching, so that things can be improved?

Why not provide them proper overview of the company, company’s achievement, goals, and proper responsibilities of a particular individual?

Why not include them in one on feedback sessions every week initially for first 3 months, so that an employee is well aware of his daily tasks, responsibilities and expectancy from the company.

Conclusion: Startups will remain startups if they don’t treat employees positively as employees are the most important part in any organization.



Iam a Microsoft Certified IT Professional with certifications in Active Directory, Network Infrastructure and Server 2008. Apart from passion for learning new technologies, I speak German and very much interested in sharing my knowledge, whether it is German or Information Technology.

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