The misconception of security

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We often think security is a technical problem. Getting the most secure system is something that is always at the top of the list especially for IT professionals. But, is a secure system always the solution to protecting our data and personal information.

Everyone is concern about security today not just the professionals, and this brings up an important question. Is security just a technical problem or is it also a human problem. For as long there were locks there were lock picks. We sometimes think that a secure system is something intangible and impenetrable. The fact is that a system that is designed by humans can be circumvented by humans.

So what is the human problem, in security. I believe the answer is, discretion. Something that you don’t hear a lot today from the current generation, myself included, is prevention is better than cure.

If you read articles today about upcoming technologies, one of the theme is encryption. Everything is going to be encrypted. This technology will require resources. But is encrypting everything going to solve the problem?

It seems that technology has made us dull to the idea of what it means to be cautious. We give our information away freely. Where someone lives, works, what they look like, the names of their spouse and children and their pictures can all be determined by examining their Facebook page.

So is this technology going to protect us or is it going to make us more oblivious to what it means to be discreet. Technology will continue to become more common and advance, but some basic ideas will remain the same. Having a secure system is not the only solution to the problem that we are facing. Being discreet and sensible can sometime be better protection than a technical cure.


Ryan Toolsie

Constantly building on my technical knowledge and experience. Education: Bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology, Associates in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering.

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