Knowledge is power – who said that?

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People have a tendency to talk about statements like “I work for Microsoft” or “I’m a technical Geek”, what they are trying to tell you that I have an immense amount of knowledge due to which I’m working in a big organization.

Having knowledge is one thing, execution is another thing and a combination of both makes a deadly combination. Is that what you also think? Let’s find out.

I have come across guys who have done CCNA, CCNP earning different salaries. That made me wonder if both of them have done same certification, have almost same amount of knowledge then why are they earning different amounts of money. Ever wondered how much money are people earning who make videos in You tube; not everyone is successful even though they might have immense amount of knowledge.

I would argue that, having the knowledge is not necessary or person who is acquiring the knowledge by hard work may not necessarily be successful. One has to be internally motivated to execute this knowledge into material form. Having said that most of the successful people around may not know everything about routing, switching and know little or basic concepts of computers but they are making incredibly huge amounts of money on a weekly/monthly basis. The way I see it is, knowledge is power when you use it in the right direction and know exactly how to use it. It is no power and useless when you are keeping it to yourself and hardly anyone knows about your knowledge.

Final Thoughts: My thoughts are based on geographical location as I’m based in Bangalore, India. But this topic pretty much applies to everyone around. Technicians having knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean they will achieve bigger things in life unless they actually go and do different things. Having said that there will be hardly any difference if a Geek is spending most of his time doing his day to day work, come back home & watch movies, do some household stuff and get back to work the next day. Someone really knowledgeable would be doing his day to day work, come back home-fresh up and get back to his laptop/desktop to read the latest blogs, articles and see how he can improvise/plan his workload better.

Many of you have the tendency to look at someone else and say “I’m going to start now and there are so many good technicians out there, how am I going to get a name for myself in this big IT world”. The best answer to that would be “Not everyone has become Bill Gates or Steve Jobs” and my thoughts would be: everyone would have had started from somewhere and it’s not the amount of knowledge but the execution of existing knowledge which is important. So if you are executing your knowledge in the right direction, you are always ahead no matter how many people out there have bigger amount of knowledge than you.



Iam a Microsoft Certified IT Professional with certifications in Active Directory, Network Infrastructure and Server 2008. Apart from passion for learning new technologies, I speak German and very much interested in sharing my knowledge, whether it is German or Information Technology.

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