Interviewers are also human – just like you and me!

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Before I begin to write about specific interview preparation, I would like to talk about a topic which is clearly misunderstood. Candidates having scary feelings when they see around 500 people around or 1000 people around, I had been in that situation and the fear was long gone with an incident with my brother: Close to 10 years ago, my brother accompanied me to a hotel to attend an interview and I saw more than 1000 people for some position. I immediately asked my brother to leave. My brother gave me a nasty smile and told “Welcome to the corporate world, you are probably seeing very less number here, you are competing with another thousands or millions in life”. That was a lesson which I learnt many many years ago. We have a tendency to look around and see whom we are competing with but we need to stop that because that list might not end or we might even get heart attack if we see that list. In today’s IT world, if I ask how many technicians are available throughout the world- that list might make you scream. Yes, that’s where you are competing with actually. But to go ahead, you need to see just yourself and how you are executing your knowledge.

I have personally seen many interviewers who like to know how much knowledge you have and how much can you think. The thing which we need to do is “Calm down” before going to any interview. No interviewer is a super human and believe me, they are not perfectionists. I remember attending an interview with Microsoft recently and the interviewer told “the default time for an Intersite replication is 20 minutes”.  It’s a long story of how I answered him the right answer and he gave me a wrong answer. But my point here is an interviewer is also human just like us and they could also be wrong. There is no need to be scared of an interview even if your preparation is not good enough, sometimes relaxing before an interview helps and things might just fall in place.

Final Thoughts: Preparing for an interview is a commitment which you make to yourself as a responsible Professional and relaxing before an interview is crucial to success. Every interview and interviewer is different, it is like living a new day, fresh morning and everything begins from scratch. So take one thing at a time, focus on it and then move on.

As I have mentioned before, failures are part of success and multiple failures will lead you to success.



Iam a Microsoft Certified IT Professional with certifications in Active Directory, Network Infrastructure and Server 2008. Apart from passion for learning new technologies, I speak German and very much interested in sharing my knowledge, whether it is German or Information Technology.

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