Technical Interviews – how to prepare?

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Technical interviews are tough and can be really tough, can spit you on the face and say “you didn’t know this after working for so many years”.

I stumbled across this few years ago when I actively started looking for new IT positions and saw myself in the list of thousand people around who not only find it difficult to attend interviews but also find it extremely painful to explain what they already know. Personally I found it a bit insulting as an IT professional when good IT technicians are not selected. This article would provide a general overview of how one can prepare for any IT interviews. However I do intend to write more on specific interviews which may happen at a later stage.

Here are some tips which would be helpful:

Communication Skills: In modern world of technology everyone wants good communication skills. If someone cannot speak well or makes too many grammatical mistakes while speaking, no employer wants to hire such person. Create an introduction speech, make sure that is grammatically correct and keep practicing it every now and then. This is particularly important because it gives the person a good overview of themselves and does present them in a neat, organized way. What many people do is, they are confident of the language and believe they can speak better in front of an interviewer. This is not always true. It is always good to have good preparation which itself gives a boost of confidence.

Preparation according to Job Description: This is one of the most ignored things in an job interview where 50% of the people apply for positions seeing a Job title and they hardly know about job responsibilities.  Always ask for the JD with the recruitment consultant or the HR so that you have a better overview of the things which are required. Usually a JD consists of what is required, desired skills and responsibilities. As mentioned, one has to concentrate on the required concepts in depth and do make notes if required. By making notes, I mean here either in a doc file or a notebook whichever is convenient. These notes should be like a summary of key points which are very important, that can be glanced through before the interview day/time.

Desired skills are also additionally important to impress an interviewer to prove how you can be an asset to the organization and which gives you a higher precedence over a person who has no knowledge in this area.

Conclusion: Technical interviews are not scary but it needs deep preparation with a sense of responsibility to do well, no matter how much hands on experience you have. Do not be scared of failures as one failure or multiple failures might lead to a bigger success.



Iam a Microsoft Certified IT Professional with certifications in Active Directory, Network Infrastructure and Server 2008. Apart from passion for learning new technologies, I speak German and very much interested in sharing my knowledge, whether it is German or Information Technology.

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