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I have recently built a website for my YouTube channel. Being a highschooler, I don’t have the money to purchase any packages to were i can have my own domain, without having the .weebly at the end. really the only thing different about the pro package and the free package is the pro package comes with a search bar,audio,HD video, and a few fancy backgrounds.  The rest is pretty much the same. There is  a key for polls,blogs,slideshows,etc. I am actually very surprised in my channel’s page. It is very plain,but it still got a great amount of views. I put up a couple polls,and I dropped a survey in and the next day i got a response on the survey. If you do great on your first month, Weebly will send you a coupon code for 33% off the pro package, but that is still a little too much.It is easy to sign up. I said in my last post, that i got over one hundred and twenty views on my website. There is also a tool at the top of the page, that shows you what it will look like on an Android or an Iphone.The Android they use is an S4 i think and an iphone 5.  The starter pack is $4 a month, its a decent pack, but id stick between the pro,business, or free. The pro pack is pro pack is 7 bucks a month.The business pack is 20 bucks a month.The only problem with the free pack is the limit of pages to that site.You can link it to your Facebook,Twitter,and your email. If you are interested in createing your site, for a YouTube channel, your own small business, etc. . go to


there will be a sign up box on the page it brings you to. Also if you haven’t looked at my page go to




I'm a senior in High School. I live in oklahoma. I am currently in Votech for Computer systems. I plan on combining the knowledge of computers with the art that is working on cars. so you might buy a car where the steering wheel boots into XP, when you start the car lol

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  1. Katy Pillman November 23, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    I owned 10 domains at the age of 12, being a high schooler is no excuse not to have a real website. If you need a site, I will happily create and host it for you for a one-time fee then then yearly $15 domain cost. There will be ads on the site, but you will make it ‘free’ for you as long as your traffic is good. Feel free to email me, not hard to find my email, just whois one of my sites.
    katy [at] tsiserver (dot) us

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