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The company GoPro, known for their line up of Action Cameras, has put up a line up of new Cameras. You may have heard of the New GoPro hero 4 Black and Silver editions. But that’s not what we’re going to be talking about today! BEHOLD! The GoPro Hero 2014, the lowest spec of the newly released lineup and costing only

2014-11-23 16_27_46-GoPro Cameras – Meet the new GoPro lineup

I’ll call it as GoPro Hero 2014 because if we call it as the GoPro Hero, you might confuse it to his older brother the GoPro HD Hero which has certainly older inferior specifications.

Dubbed as the “perfect entry-level” action camera. It is by far the least costly of the GoPro Action Camera line up. I got interested in the whole budget action camera deal because we’ll have an upcoming trip to the beach and the whole family looks forward to it. Before the GoPro Hero 2014’s release, the cheapest of the bunch are the GoPro White Editions of the Hero 3 and the Hero 3+. These weren’t all that cheap of course, it costs Some of you might consider it cheap, but let me remind you that some action cams are far cheaper. Take a look at the SJ4000, costing just and is currently for sale on Amazon for

Well, this edition of GoPro is meant to destroy the low-price action camera market. If you search the market, you’d see that the SJ4000 is probably the best option of the bunch. The GoPro Hero 2014 costs shoots Full 1080p HD videos at 30 frames per second and 720p 60 fps with or without Superview. Techmoan has done a comparison video between the SJ4000 and the GoPro hero 2014 recently, and he can talk about it better than I do.

Personally though, I’d choose the GoPro hero 2014 over the SJ4000. First is because on where I am, the deal is definitely a catch, but that’s just U.S. only. Second is it records smooth 60 frames per second, even just at 720p. The SJ4000 doesn’t, well on paper it does but it doesn’t count because its a lie. Third, and this is probably a stupid reason for a bunch of you, is the GoPro brand. Unlike the SJ4000 and thousand of other action cameras in the market, the GoPro has a reputation to protect and when it comes to warranty and support, I’d rely on them not destroying their reputation.

All in all, the GoPro Hero 2014 is definitely a good release, I’ve gotten one myself and I certainly enjoy using it!


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