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If you live in NYC, you are likely to think the risks of using a public pay phone is probably the same as having your face come in contact with a hand rail in the subway. Well according to the Mayor this is going to change. The public phones in NYC are going to be replaced by wireless access points. This is going to be the biggest and fastest wireless network in the world, and it’s free.

So what is this going to mean for New Yorkers? Well they are going to get free and unlimited internet access with speeds up to one Gbs. This type of speed is much faster than 802.11n and fall somewhere in the middle of 802.11ac. But, the fact that wireless bandwidth is divided amongst it’s clients and this being a public network, speeds can be significantly less.

Free phone calls to anywhere in the U.S will be another feature, along with a tablet pc running on Google’s android OS for the accessing of city info. So who is going to pay for all of this? That’s probably one of the coolest things about this program, it is all going to be funded by Ad revenue. It seems that these wireless hubs are going to be used as advertising mediums.

This undertaking is not something new. Many cities have tried; some had to scraped the project completely while others had to scale back. So is this going to work? Well as a New Yorker I personally hope so, but only time will tell. Trying to cover all five boroughs with 7,500 hotspots, each having a range of 150 feet, is going to be a bit of a stretch. This is no way going to replace ISPs or cell carriers.

I believe that this is a good step forward. Making our cities more technologically advance is not only going to benefit us but also future generations. Technology can improve our lives in so many ways, and having it free so that the less fortunate will have access to it, will help us to grow as a society.

But being someone that is currently studying technology, I can’t help seeing the negative side also. Do we want people to have easy anonymous internet access? There are ways to be anonymous on the Internet, but using a public network is probably the easiest. So do we want to make that easy?

Either way we have to keep working at it. Developing technologies that will make our lives better, but at the same time protecting ourselves from people that will try to use those same technologies in destructive ways.


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  1. Warren Galloway November 20, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Hmm, I was just talking to a friend about ‘spots at Walgreens’ for WiFi IP phone calls, but we stopped talking as MagicJack somewhat is an awesome service until the internet is down.

    Payphones are dying, yes, I was looking for one a few years ago to use my autodialer/calculator I used to use back in 2000.

    Well, for now.. McDonald’s has free wifi.. That plus at least a iPod Touch 4th Gen and MagicJack, free phone calls, kinda.

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