Are the A plus and NET plus certifications needed?

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     For the pass year I have been working at becoming a professional in the 
field of IT. I graduated with a bachelor of technology, computer engineering 
technology to be more precise, about ten years ago. Why has it taken me so long? Well it's a long 
story and I did write a post on it. This post is on, are the A plus and the NET 
plus  certifications needed? And my answer is I don't know, but I leaning more 
towards no.
      We all knew about the A plus certification the moment we decided that we 
wanted to fix computers. Few of my peers in college left with a two year degree 
and went for the A plus certification. So then what's wrong with these 
certifications, I will say nothing, but I will also say there is nothing really 
good about them.
       If you have ever purchased study materials for the A plus of NET plus one 
thing that you will likely come across is the salary that you can earn if you 
become certified. My NET plus book states that I can earn up to 75,000 yearly if 
I am certified. I have been NET plus certified for about a year and I don't 
think anyone is going to pay me 75,000 yearly with just a NET plus 
certification. This brings up a very important point; do not get pulled in by 
figures. Certification is a business. So, does this mean that certifications are 
bad? No, it means that you have to do some honest research. Also I have been job 
searching and what I find that A plus and NET plus rarely come up as required 
qualifications, and if they do, they are always followed by higher level 
      So what now? Well there is a difference between being knowledgeable in A 
plus and NET plus, and being certified in A plus and NET plus. For anyone that 
is serious about succeeding in this field, the basics are important. The 
knowledge and skills that you will get out of A plus and NET plus are going to 
be important in higher level certifications, like building labs and 
troubleshooting simple problems. You will also build upon this knowledge and 
skills to get a clearer understanding of the field that you are studying. Like 
any math teacher will tell you, if you don't get algebra you will have a hard 
time with calculus. So get the books and study. 
       We are back to the question, are the A plus and the NET plus 
certifications needed? And I'm still going to say I don't know, but I'm leaning 
towards no. If the career path that you are taking has the A plus and the NET 
plus certifications  as perquisite for the higher level certifications, by all 
means get certified. If the career path that you are taking does not require the 
A plus and NET plus certifications, like the Mcse for instance  that I'm also 
studying for, then I will have to say no. Once again do your research. And 
remember that you have to pay to take these exams, each exams can cost about 
$300.00 and the certification only last 3 years. Also I will like to point out 
that there are things that you will need to memorize, especially for the A plus 
certification, that can be solve with a simple Google search. 
       So in wrapping this post up, let me say that this is not an attack on the 
A plus and the NET plus certifications, it's more to inform on what is relevant 
and what is not so relevant in the path of becoming an IT professional. If 
anyone has something to add I welcome your opinion, even if you don't agree with 
mine. One more thing, if your employer says that you will get a good raise if 
you become A plus or NET plus certified, get certified.


Ryan Toolsie

Constantly building on my technical knowledge and experience. Education: Bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology, Associates in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering.

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  1. Martin Lehner November 17, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Net+ and A+ are entry level certifications. If you’re already in the IT field and have some experience, they are useless. If you’re in college / university, it may help you get an entry level technology-related job. If you’re relying SOLELY on A+ or Net+ to get you a job, then good luck. Again, they are the ‘high school diploma’ of the IT world. It’s better to have than not to have, but don’t expect to make big bucks with it.

  2. Casey November 20, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    With my limited exposure to the IT field, I am just getting into it, I agree with Martin. But with that said your line about the book saying a potential salary range, I think has more to do with the area you are as well. I look at the job boards on slashdot, monster, indeed, dice; so I can have an idea what companies are looking for from an entry level perspective so I can become better when I do compete for a job. I am in the military (US) but do not work in the field so I have been pursuing all of this on my own and really believe the certifications are a big deal. Shows you at least understand basic concepts and “verifies” you have not just got by at jobs where you show your experience you might have gained.

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