Getting focused when you dont feel like it

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We all want to do creative and awesome things be at work or college ,for that one has to grab allot of information, as much as possible ,for that one needs to read books and study materials ,in order to process the information first the information needs to be inside your head ,We all have that inertia while reading books or at least I do is get to the important part ,but the author of the book intends you to take that certain path

Or maybe for bookworms out there who can grab dozens of information ,but find it difficult to use the information creative

Everybody have solved the problem I am talking about ,but its really needs to be done over and over again ,day 1 of College is like I am gonna study hard ,do this and that, but maybe a week later you are counting stars ,or wasting your time browsing Facebook


To add fluidity to this process ,I have been trying something and works beautifully  out for weeks ,and it really works ,

Its called Brain Waves ,our brains at different modes , ,this link ,or Google brain waves just to show its medically relevant

The different modes ,alpha waves ,beta waves ,theta waves  and delta waves

By listening to sound of this frequency ,your brain tends to produce resonance ,of that certain fruquncy ,that means you are sort of programming your mind to a fixed state

Normally a ordinary persons brain switches between states

Say I read through a book early in morning ,My brain would be in beta state ,ie staying widely awake ,I understand the first 20 pages

But on the 21st page there is exercise ,but feel u know everything and skip the exercises but after while you decide to do the exercise ,but you don’t have allot of information readily in your head while reading the 20th page ,so twice the work

Beta waves put your brain in a wide awake stage ,when you can info ,I tried it myself  for few days ,usually I read something extremely new, I would be really like “Oh man”,and dreaming about saving princesses and old memories

Usually the state of brain that it is in when you have these memories running in your head either causing nostalgia or something else is Theta state

But what you want do is not only finish reading the book and do the exercises as well ,come out as a pro ,but either you end up skipping the exercise or count stars

The creative state ,or the state your brain is in when you are successfully solving problems is alpha waves ,where you brain is relatively relaxes to think upon old information ,but enough activity to solve the probs

I have tried it my self ,beta waves keeps you wide awake ,

What I would suggest ,and works for me is listen to beta waves 5 minutes or so ,and stop,you brain will continue in that state ,

But do need to warn you guys ,your brain won’t be able to relax when it feels like ,it sort of like  drinking coffee ,say work got done faster than expected ,you need to sleep ,that coffee still keeps you awake

Something like regular routines where details matter than the reason or problems behind the way your doing things ,I would really suggest beta waves

If you need a problem solved ,suggest you need alpha waves

But remember both theses cases ,it will take more time than usual for your brain to relax

You can find these audio files on YouTube ,links are below

Alpha waves for prob solving

Beta waves for grabbing new  large chunks of information

Do try out guys ,do give your feedback


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  1. Warren Galloway November 16, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    I usually put on some kicking drum and bass and it inspires me. But I have noticed, I do more work when listening to Pogo White Magic. Not sure why. Repeat all day for like 9 hours or so.

    Had to use it for when I was customizing my site at , granted I’m not completed. It made it so much ‘approachable’ to sort through all the code and start making Child Templates.

    Hopefully I’ll be making full templates next year.

    I watched ONLY a few seconds of Ace your Exams with Beta Brain Waves and INSTANTLY it reminding me of when i used to watch static on UHF and VHF channels for hours when my parents were off shopping or whatever.

    Thanks man, that is PERFECT!!! And one HOUR of it!!! I don’t understand it, but it fuzzies my thoughts and I can ‘think clearer’?

    I can also get the same effect from crashing waves on a beach at times, but I come off again as weird when I stop walking or whatever I’m doing just to listen.

    Thanks. I have to share this with my friends. I just called it static in the past.

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