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I have uploaded my first video. I have tried to reach out to sponsors. How do you get a lot of views, I have been trying to get my first video a lot of views, but so far the only person that saw it was the owner of the car. I do have two different channels. One for music, and 1 for cars. Im talking about the channel for cars. Do i need to make them longer? The video was only 3 minutes long. If thats the problem i can try and make these videos last longer, but as a highschooler i don’t have a lot of time. I should be getting a reply from pep boys soon. I may even try Chevrolet Ford or Dodge. I know that it is a lot of work to get a channel sucessful, and it won’t happen instantaniously. Also I got on google and looked up how to make money off of ads on youtube. I saww this video that said you need to put in your paypal or your bank account. Is it possible you could use a prepaid bank card. I dont want to sign up for pay pal, and i really don’t want to give out my bank information. I could if i needed to though. I am looking for new videos, and sponsors everday, and I do see some. I created a facebook page for the youtube channel, and I am in the process of a twitter. I would really appreciate some really good advice. I am trying to get it to grow fast.



I'm a senior in High School. I live in oklahoma. I am currently in Votech for Computer systems. I plan on combining the knowledge of computers with the art that is working on cars. so you might buy a car where the steering wheel boots into XP, when you start the car lol

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  1. Warren Galloway November 13, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    Dominic1995, I’m going to be straight forward since you did not post a link here. I am NOT a YouTube Pro or anything as fads come and go and people love stuff all over the place.

    1. What your channel trying to do?
    One for music and one for cars what? Pictures of cars? Interviews with Tesla car makers? Music by local musicians? What? Define what you are trying to do with your channels.

    2. Length of the video doesn’t matter, it’s the content of the video. Fixing a car? Repairing an engine issue? What? It’s the content of the video that people want to see. But even more, what is the title of the video? Its it something I can find easily? Example, YouTube: Nissan Sentra 2005 Tempurature Gauge : FIXED! I’m not listing the YouTube Name Tag or a link, see if you can find it. It should pull up just fine and have 2000+ views.

    Why? Because people have issues with their Nissans just as the guy, my friend in the video.

    3. You want to grow fast? Interview people with exotic cars like Lamborghinis, Dodge Chargers, BMWs and Pagani. Heh heh, just kidding, but if you had access, just putting the title of the car would get visits. Grow fast by covering issues for cars and the fixes for them. Such as a Ford XX and an issue with the windshield wipers and how to remedy that issue. Yes, some people look up videos for help, not just to watch for entertainment. Such as when my friend was changing his battery, his connection was so corroded and he was not having any success and I looked up his issue.

    He’d been fiddling with it for about 20 to 30 minutes, within 4 minutes, issue resolve with:

    Car Maintenance : How to Clean a Car Battery

    Sure, it does not have a lot of views, but it s VERY useful. Which means more and more people will view it. Stop trying to get HIGH views on videos, concentrate on content. I have a video that was meant to be a joke, expected only 12 people to see it as I rarely share my videos. It’s now approaching 60k views and it was stupid! I’m somewhat embarrassed as my serious stuff i care about hardly gets views.

    Concentrate on content, I can not say it enough.

    4. You want to get paid, but having a Paypal or some form of payment option without using your bank information? Yuo know you can set up a Paypal account without a bank account for about 2 years now. But you can also option for a paycheck to be mailed to you. Takes longer, but check the small print.

    5. Suggestions…

    A. Content. Content. Content.

    B. Frequency of videos, try to do AT LEAST two a week if less than 10 minutes a piece.

    C. When you tweet use hashtags. #ford #pepboys #musclescars etc will get you viewers, but you do want subscribers too.

    D. Connect your twitter accounts to your YouTube accounts so that when you post it, it tweets it automatically.

    E. Visit: and get an account – Timed Tweets, so you can pre-plan tweets, or tweet videos that hardly have views. This is a GREAT way to be efficient and tweet when you might not have time. Say you will have a video on Friday at 3 p.m.? Why no make a pre-tweet as you might be busy and forget or if you have it completed and you want it to be released on a timer, then do that. Check your pipeline, get it in check and keep things as smooth as possible.

    F. Find some artists, music and video who will do trades with you. Such as you use their 30 second or so music clip in your video, you give them a spot shout. FREE music and synergy of telling people about it. But you can also use GarageBand to make a nice loop if you have an iOS device. Just saying.

    G. Advertising… Be cheap if you can, but people you are doing it for, be sure you think a little big, like tee shirts… Visit here for thoughts.. when you ready to increase your brand or what-have-you.

    I hope this helps.

  2. dominic1995 November 14, 2014 at 9:29 am

    i interview hot rodders and people who restore cars, this question has been in drafts for a little bit, i still havent gotten any sponsers. i dont have many views, i would really like advice on how to promote my videos for free if possible

  3. dominic1995 November 14, 2014 at 9:38 am

    it does actually help a lot, For some reason i can’t get my computer to access that link, how much would it be as a basic design.
    I have a friend who is taking a Photoshop class that’s suppose to be making some awesome ads to hang all over the school, and a few local businesses. I have a video over my friends camaro, Its really short, but i figured the burnout would make up for it. Any advice on getting something to clear the audio. The only thing i have money for is my Nokia lumia 920.

  4. dominic1995 November 14, 2014 at 10:35 am

    I just created a website for my YouTube channel. I didnt go crazy like i have noticed with a lot of people.
    It may not be up for a while. It costs 20 to get it uploaded instantly and 20 to get rid of the .weebly
    I really need a job lol

    • Katy Pillman November 14, 2014 at 7:32 pm

      What you do, is go to popular sites and post a link to your channel/video. People will click on it, and if they like it they will watch more, if not others will…

  5. Anastasios Barianos November 14, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    First of, the first picture somebody sees when visiting your channel is very poor quality. I would advice you to change that. has nothing to do with your videos, but doesn’t give a good impression. If you want to make money doing something, I think you should pay attention even to those little details.
    Now for the video. You say you expected the burnout to make up for it. Well, it wasn’t so much of a burn out, and I was already too bored when the video came to that. You also have to figure out something about the sound, i can’t hear a thing you and your friend are saying, so why should I keep on watching? And for a last point, you have to find out in what way to hold your mobile in order to get straight picture. I shouldn’t have to tilt my head to watch a person speaking, specially when I can’t hear what he is saying 😛
    I would suggest you start working with some video editing. Move things around. Show the car in 360, show it’s interior, pop the hood and let us know what is hidden in there, add some burnouts and some doughnuts, but it doesn’t all have to be in one filming, that is what montage is for! What was the most exciting part of the filming? Take that and use it as a teaser early on, then show us a little bit of the car, show something more exciting, then show the engine, etc. Of course that’s the creative part and you might want to do in in some completely other way, but I think you get what i mean.
    Also, I don’t see why you want the last few seconds of your video to be addressing to sponsors(again with poor quality). Use those seconds to get your viewers involved. Give out the email, but not just only for sponsors.
    For the audio, since you can’t afford any better equipment, i would suggest that you only film the sound of the car. Any questions and talking with the owner, leave them for off-camera. Then just record at home with your pc things that you thing should be pointed out, and add them to the video. Not a good solution, but maybe better than no sound at all.

    Now let’s get into the “making money” part. I should clarify that I have never made any money on youtube (I haven’t even tried) and have no knowledge of financials in general. Don’t take my word for anything.
    You say you do not want to create a paypal account, or give out your bank info.Just forget that and start over with your mentality! Pay-pal is 2 clicks away, does no harm, and is very helpful in many occasions. Why don’t you give it a chance? Or why not give your bank info? If somebody is going to pay you, they’ll need the info, how else are they going to pay you? Do you expect anyone to show up to your door with cash?
    Last but not least, you have uploaded a video on youtube, you have very few views, and you are looking for sponsors. Nothing wrong with looking for sponsors to have some income in order to be able to make better videos. But I personally don’t think anyone would be willing to put money for far out on the line. I might be wrong, as I said I am in no way expert on these matters.How far are you willing to go before anyone gives you any kind of money? Do you absolutely need sponsors to run your channel? Do you want sponsors just to make a buck while you do something you would do anyway? Are you looking to create a business out of this? What are your actual goals? Are these things you have thought about? If not, I think answering some of these questions to yourself will make you realize what you are trying for, and that is the first step in making it a whole lot better. If you have already done that, then you need to work on it, cause all I can see, and I’m going to be harsh, is a kid who wants to ride the bandwagon of youtube and make money for nothing. If you are willing to put in some real work, then I am wrong, and I’m happy for you, hope you do make it! If I’m right, you’ll find out that it takes much more work that you are willing to put in, and therefore you want take it far…

  6. Jacob Williams November 15, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    I make a living on YouTube. I make around $3K a month and it’s increasing. I only had 40K views this month. Most people don’t make that much with 10X the amount of views. So listen, because I know what I’m talking about.

    1. Get a job.

    2. Delete your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    3. Close down your website. (Forward the domain to your YouTube channel)

    4. Focus on nothing but making and uploading 100 videos at least 5min long. 10min is better.

    a. Make your video titles something people would search for. “My buddy Chance’s Camaro” is not searchable. Rather, “Black 19xx Camaro.”

    b. Provide knowledge. Talk about the specs of these cars. (This isn’t hard. Before every video just read up on it.)

    c. Research YouTube thumbnails, annotations, tags, ect.

    d. Make your channel look clean and organized. Something future sponsors would want to associate with.

    e. Ask people to like, subscribe, and ask questions in the comments. This isn’t as important later on. But at first you need those extra subs to get credibility. Subscribers are becoming less and less important. This is because YouTube uses a What to Watch sorting method. It’s like facebook feeds. It shows you the videos others watched. Most your subscribers won’t see that you uploaded a new video. Remember this because…

    f. Views and View Times are the most important metrics you need to focus on increasing.

    g. Stay in your niche. Cars. This is vital for sponsorships and a higher CPM.

    5. Don’t look for sponsors until you have a minimum of 100 videos uploaded OR 1 million views. Those million views should be spread out among videos. Never expect or want a viral video early on, it will fuck up your trend metrics. 100 videos with 10,000 views is much much better than 1 video with 2 million views. “But Jake, that’s only half as many views?” Yes, but you want to show sponsors reproducibility. If they know every video averages 10K views, that’s golden. Look at it this way: If you win the Lottery it doesn’t mean you’re good with money. I hope that analogy helps.

    6. Be a tortious. The hare loses the race. This means slow and steady. Don’t expect to make money your first year. Spend all of your first year building your catalog. Test test and test. Pay attention to numbers. Be scientific and methodical in your approach.


    Be competitive but be respectful and honest.
    Emulate the right people.
    Think of YouTube as an industry, not a community. This mindset is important.

    Your parents, brothers, friends, wife/girlfriend, won’t take you seriously until you show them those checks. EXPECT this. I started two successful companies prior to starting a YouTube channel and I still was doubted and laughed at. Who’s laughing now suckers. What’s that dad? Oh, you have to go to work for eight hours today? Ha! Not me, I get to respond to questions on GeekBrainDump and make just as much as you. Oh, and I’m getting another raise this week. Taste that victory, it’s so delicious. 🙂

    Good luck brother. Let me know if you need any more advice. -Jake

    • Katy Pillman November 15, 2014 at 7:28 pm

      I have 1 million views, and 4 thousand subs. I only have made $800; but that is since June 2013. The easiest ways to “cheat” the system, is to **** people off. At least 20% of Pewdiepie’s views are haters against him based on the average like ratings. I get 30% trolls/spam on my channel, and others just come to laugh. Channel name: GTAWWEKID. (NO LINKS)

      • Warren Galloway November 16, 2014 at 1:05 pm

        Yeh, same here… Quite a few of my popular videos are from people arguing or fighting or yelling at me. From choosing Wolverine’s base character from a pre-made character (mandatory) in the main game to making an Incredible Hulk from the 70’s with the washed out white shorts instead of purple, to calling Dante from Devil May Cry ‘part evil demon’.

        At that time, I was not partner, I became partner in Aug 2009 or so with only 205 or so subscribers. BEFORE going ‘partner’, or 2009, my videos easily hit 2,000 views in four days. I never approached YouTube as a business, just an outlet as I was trying to understand their algorithms for ‘popularity’, then I would replicate it. I fail.

        I currently have 390,312 views as I’ve slowed down (because of work) and coming up with an original format no one can copy or steal from me again.

        I have not made any real money on YouTube, don’t expect to, but on my short 20 part mini series… Hmm, not sure, some things have not came to fruition as I planned.

        And my viewers are… Hmm… I no longer understand them. I made a joke video mock game of Dankey Kang for my friends, all 12 of them, yet the crap got 30k views in the first month. WHY?

        People actually thought the game is real. So, finally, I got a small team working on a ‘Dankey Kang game’. Artist is working, but the programmer is busy.

        I can get hits, but for stupid crap. I’d rather do a variety show than to be ‘sitting on the toilet’ lady. To each his own and good luck.

  7. Warren Galloway November 15, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    Dominic1995… Sorry it took me so long, busy with a memorial video, calling card for an aspiring actor associate, helping and monitoring a friend game stream….

    Okay, I read your replies and watched the the video and went to your starter website.

    Let me start…

    1. You channel is about interviewing people with their cars? I saw your video with your friend.

    A. My Buddy’s Camaro is not a good title. Why? Why would I want let you interview me about my truck? Change the title too “Camaro Burnout”, yes, you will get more views, but people may feel misled to a small part, but they will certainly let you know if you did or did not.

    Also, HOW is your friend sideways in the video? Gyrometer stuck? Shake that out turn the car off so we can hear better.

    Other than that, I think the video was good. My father was a salvage yard owner and two service, so this felt right home with me.

    B. You are JUST starting, don’t expect to get many views until you get better. I like the video actually as it is raw. Sorry, but I JUST shared it it with some of my car loving friends, so that is only about 10 or so views. I meant to share it the day you shared it.

    C. WHERE is your Twitter account? THAT is FREE advertising for you for now. Once you have that up and running and put out AT LEAST two tweets a day, I’ll give you some links to get you visits, for FREE. But it does not matter how many visits you get initially, it’s the ones who return and share with their friends because you have good content. You have something good there. But you need to pump out like 3+ videos a week like that.

    Once you grow, you need an intro screen, but not really, it just makes you look more pro. People who love cars don’t care.

    You’re welcome glad it helped.

    2. Tee Public is FREE. Just make sure your friend with Photoshop knows how to make 300 dpi and (I think) 2000×2000 images. And you’re set. It’s free to upload and sell, but you only get a small part of the profits. You’re not selling for profit, you’re selling for advertisement.

    3. Clear the audio by turning off the car while talking for now. Get your routine down, such as asking questions about owner (name, state) the car (model/make/year when it was purchased and car stats any enhancements or packages added-on or issues) and that should be it. Those are the only reason I normally watch auto videos.

    4. A. You’re website is a nice start, but I have to criticize you about the grammar. If you have a female friend or older sister (at least 15), have her take a look at it and see what she thinks. I’m trying to not be a prude, but you are 19. Girls tend to write better than guys, trust me. I call on my female friends when ever my crap is going before the CEOs or the liaisons while they are in town. Trust me, get a female to look it over for grammatical errors.

    B. Dominic1995, you need to fix ‘sponsorship opportunities’ and ‘Blog page’. Or did you purposely mean to put it in lowercase. That does not look right.

    C. Pages

    “YOU TUBE”

    Why do you have that? Here is some sample text I made up….

    “Welcome to Hardcore American Muscle where we review, try out and showcase American built cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles local to Oklahoma. We’d be glad to showcase your car for sport of it you are selling it, we’d be glad to do a video. For now, we only do videos within [Zipcode] and [Zipcode].

    Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.

    – Hardcore American Muscle”


    Hardcore American Muscle was started in 2014 when we noticed there were a lot of pretty cool American cars on the street and people would tell us some about them, but we never had our camera on hand. Now with that, we decided in the car history and local car owners to showcase their cars in their natural glory and powered up to show a sporty showcase. Please visit our Video Channel to see some of the awesome cars.

    I and a high school senior getting started on his first business adventure with a friend. Please do support us by telling your friends and family and of course following us on Twitter and YouTube and sharing our videos.


    [No comment]


    We are always interested in business ventures that not only help us, but help others. Currently we have a special going on for Sponsorship. It’s only $200 for three months. Normally priced at $650, we here to help spread the word and to help locals. If you have any questions, automobile related or not, do not hesistate to email us at:

    Blog Page

    [No comment]

    Dominic, those are my thoughts, but like I stated above, have a female friend to mull over your writing to clean it up and make you sound a bit more professional. I only know the digital you, so typing how you talk online, can make or break you.

    Back to your video… Overall, what Anastasios Barianos is what you need to think about. Make a flyer for local businesses you know and see if they’d be interested in sponsoring an ad for like $5 – $25 month. That’s just to get your some tiny money and work your way up. I mean, like automotive shops, clothing shops that carry boots and sports shoes a ‘driver’ would wear. Even a local petshop, what guy or gal doesn’t like dogs?

    I hope the feedback and suggestions help.

    Also, check your email.

  8. dominic1995 November 18, 2014 at 12:53 am

    I like all the advice I have gotten, you guys are very helpful. THANKS

  9. dominic1995 November 18, 2014 at 9:52 am

    ok i got the image, I tried to print the advertisement and the printer starts printing random characters, i checked the driver and it seems to be correct. Does anyone know what might be going on. it would really help. I created a twitter, and it seems to be going good. i will send a link when i get it set up. I may get Chevrolet as a sponsor.

  10. dominic1995 November 18, 2014 at 9:53 am

    they emailed me back saying they had to talk to their boss at 2:50 in the morning

  11. dominic1995 November 18, 2014 at 11:02 am

    i am going to print off my advertisement and post it at some local shops.

  12. dominic1995 December 4, 2014 at 10:11 am

    i have been tryin to get people to get a video of, but i haven’t had any luck. I may focus on my other channel during the winter.

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