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ooking for a video camera for your simple needs or a new videographer of the internet of today?

If you are on a budget, there are so many affordable options for all types of equipment, sometimes your head spins.  You want top of the line, but why?  One you can’t really afford it, but two, do you really need all the bells and whistles.  Better said, do you really need a chainsaw to cut the Thanksgiving turkey?

This is where the Sony HDR-230 Handycam comes in and steals the show.  Researching digital cameras to replace my personal Sony TRV525, I thought the Canon T2i was the perfect replacement, but like the chainsaw reference, it was too much and not enough.  The Canon T2i has heating issues when using it for video for more than 20 minutes, it can and will overheat on the spot.  GREAT for photos and short HD video clips at 60FPS (20 minutes of straight video shooting), but for extended video, say, like 30 minutes or more in one sitting, no so much.

It (the Sony HDR-230) has 8GB Onboard Memory Storage and up to 32GB SDCards are said to be supported.  The issue is the battery will last tops, two hours.  So unless you buy more batteries to keep on hand, your memory card should not be so huge in capacity.  But you can buy the CAM10570 High Capacity Battery.  It has an extended life charge.  I have not used the product as of yet, but it is an option if you are planning to shoot more than 2 hours of video on one battery with one charge.

Test Video 1920×1080 Timelapse of 60fps

Test Video 1280×720 Normal of 30 fps

*Note: Sorry I kept these short, file size was limited to upload.  FULL Videos at bottom Not sure if YouTube will show true footage value.

The Sony HDR-230 is a small compact video camera that shoots video at 1280×720 at 29 fps (in MP4 format) and 1920 x 1080 at 60fps (in MTS format).

∙ It gets about 1 hour and 45 minutes of recording time on the HD (1920×1080) frame rate.
∙ Auto focus is nice, but it can cause issues on rush takes to when recording with blurriness.
∙ Clips are limited to 46 minutes and 18 seconds with the 1280×720 setting at 1.97GB.
∙ The sound is not the best, but works coupled with a H1 Zoom for sound replacement.
∙ Automatically takes photo every time you smile or show a lot of teeth.
∙ The 8.9 Megapixel photos are not terrible, but not great.
∙ Depending on your settings, the video captured is save in a different folder for no reason.

∙ It gets about 2 hours of recording time on the standard HD (1280×720) frame rate.

∙ The file formats MP4 and MTS are easily edited in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

Sony HDR-CX230

CAM10570 High Capacity Battery–CX230_HDR–CX230_B.aspx

YouTube 1920×1080

YouTube 1280×720


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