Why you shouldnt share a desk with someone

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I go to a votech class in the mornings, and go back to school for my English,science, and gov classes. When i am at school in the evening there is another kid in my spot.We were suppose to get at least three machines. i picked three, but for some reason this person didn’t. Tuesday I start a VMware lab on one. The afternoon kid decides that they need to completely disassemble the same computer I am using VMware on, and I am now in the process of troubleshooting why it doesn’t want to boot.I put the power connector back on the sata drive, I put in the memory, i reconnected the CPU fan power. It wasn’t the first time either. I have had to make new ethernet cables and wipe away viruses the pm student had put on the computer. Don’t mess with other peoples stuff. You may get someone mad at you.No one likes to redo what they work hard on. I understand its a growing industry, and it is a great addition to education. Don’t get to mad, but don’t let it happen on a daily bases. I left a note letting the other student know if it happens again i tell the instructor and he gets kicked out of the class. If you can’t leave people’s computers alone got work at MC. Donald’s. no one needs someone slowing them down in a growing industry.  So don’t let your boss or teacher make you share your seat with an idiot. You might get your Technology manipulated with by somebody other than yourself.



I'm a senior in High School. I live in oklahoma. I am currently in Votech for Computer systems. I plan on combining the knowledge of computers with the art that is working on cars. so you might buy a car where the steering wheel boots into XP, when you start the car lol

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  1. Warren Galloway November 7, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    Dom, heh heh heh, good luck with that. Coming from a previous job that was ‘cutting’ corners by making the AM Shift share desks with the PM Shift, that’s not so easy.

    Once I got promoted to Communications Lead, it change a bit as my computer and the data onboard was confidential and they could not allow some measly person to just access it as I took no responsibility in try to protect it. So, my issue of sharing was done.

    As you stated about using a console and someone mucks with it delaying your progress, I have been there too. I’ve had people touch stuff and muck it up so bad. Yes, I got truly mad, but did not say anything, I resolved THEIR issue, learned how to replicate it, resolve it, use the unit then put it back the way they left it.

    Some will say “That’s sneak.” or “That’s bad.” No, it is resourceful. If you have the nerve to not respect others and break stuff, WHY should others who work as hard or harder fix your stuff for you to break it again?

    Also, by doing that, I learned who was skilled and who was not. Saved me time of choosing whom i talked to casually on the floor and at lunch and whom I did not.

    Also, never warn them in cases like this, tell the instructor and make sure they are present when you do. NEVER be coy about it. I learned my lesson, but so did they. No harm done, increased my patience until I am done.

  2. Joshua November 10, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    A decent laptop with a SSD and lots of RAM makes Virual machines a breeze. I can get 3 Windows Servers and 2 Windows 7 machines running all virtually at the same time on the same laptop with a standard drive. It’s slow but works. Might be an idea if it is possible for home use.

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