Who Said Linux Gaming Sucks ?

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In the “old” world of Gaming nobody would ever give Linux a chance! However that was then, this is now! And now Linux Gaming is becoming more popular with Steam games, just last night I smashed out a 2 hour gameplay of some Dota 2, and then moved on to Team Fortress 2. Some people may say that Linux isn’t made for gamers, but I say who are they to decide what I use my Linux machine for!

Linux is more for the power user, giving the user the ability to configure his/her desktop and environment they way they see fit, for me gaming in Linux is fun, not only am I able to configure the game but also configure my desktop and environment! The same can’t be said in windows, well at least in my opinion it is easier to do so in Linux. Linux gaming has come a long way, especially now with Steam and other clients turning to Linux and providing support. Now I haven’t had the pleasure of diving into SteamOS, but you can be sure that I will have an article on it for GBD in the near future.

There are many things that Linux is missing in the gamers eye and that is driver support for high end graphic cards, but all in all I see Linux gaming becoming the main topic in the gamer community, if it hasn’t already. I do confess however that I’m an amateur when it comes to gaming, I don’t have the greatest GPU or the latest games, But I do enjoy picking up  a controller or mouse and enjoying a good RPG. I feel with more driver support for High end GPU’s, and better recognition for Linux gaming I see Linux Gaming giving Mac OS and Windows a run for its money, if it hasn’t already! So for all you gamers out there why not give Linux a try for your gaming needs. Hey even EliTheComputerGuy says that Linux is the future so why not get a head start on everybody else?

If you are interested in giving Linux for gaming a try I’d recommend using Mint or Ubuntu distros and don’t forget to install that Steam client!

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