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I know, I know, the title sounded lame, but I am a geek and I can say it proudly without being wrong.  Introducing Amazon Echo, something like Siri, but in a tube in your home, connected to wifi to answer questions, play your music and more all voice activated.

The video above showcases many different settings it can be used, but now with it, will this make using a computer by more not using a computer to look up things?  Those of us who have used Siri and Iris say “No” as we know those two cloud apps make more mistakes than a kid carrying two pails filled with water down a hallway.

What does this mean to libraries and public areas, will this make “Looking for someone to help.” a thing of the past in businesses?

Even more, will this be a new way to learn?  Meaning a child can now ask ANY question (suggested, but not realistically true) they want.

With that said, can kids cheat on their homework?  Can teachers now use this to make assignments in class and students can access them via voice to be emailed assignments?

These thoughts aren’t new, but now a tangible device is here, what will be the limitations?

Some people are already commenting about privacy and the NSA as it is always-on listening.  Is there a kill switch or off switch or can you just unplug for private moments?

So, what does this new technology bring us?  Only time will tell.  What do you think of it?

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Warren Galloway

Warren Galloway is a currently a freelance multimedia web designer. Is that even a title any more? Digital Media Specialist - You Want it Digitally, I can do it. "Eli for President, we should be happy, but also very afraid."

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  1. Eli the Computer Guy November 7, 2014 at 8:08 am

    I put in for an invitation for this. I think it will be really cool to test, but past that I don’t think I’ll trust it…

  2. Warren Galloway November 7, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    Please do. I’m not a Prime member, but I do want to test one.

    I want it and one giant dictionary and a few encyclopedias… I got giddy just thinking about all the cross-referencing I could do.

    I’d do that for about 4+ hours as I’d be asking it the questions people ask me and see if it is accurate and effective. It should be, but a friend pointed out ‘Wikipedia level’ information. That’s good, but not what I want.

    Example: The brother and sister and “Define the word annoying.”

    What would make it even more, for me, is buying these as gift units, and I can send a message to everyone.

    Friend: Alex any daily alerts or messages?

    Alexa: Hey, everyone, it’s me Warren, check Geek Brain Dump out today, I posted a new article. Check it out by tomorrow!

    To some it would seem a waste, until you see how more effective it is than an email or Facebook post.

    But even more, not to pick, this would also ‘force’ some to speak correctly to a point when asking questions.

    If you get one, please ask all types of questions, like with networking, Photoshop instructions, Adobe Premiere How To, etc. A truly thorough questions to see its strengths and weaknesses.

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