How to become a Programmer [almost free!]

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The Software Development industry is growing faster than new technology on the shelves. Every part of technology needs some sort of programming whether it be a graphical operating system or a pill shape computer to check the fertilization of crops. Similar slangs as ‘coding’ is programming, and programming can be done in several many ways, as in languages such as PHP or Objective-C.  You most likely already know who a programmer is, and what they do, but it is nice to tell the “new kids”.

So you are deciding to become a programmer, but do not have a lot of money. Well you are in luck if you can cough up $250-ish for a hour class of java or C++ classes. If you are in high school, check if your state has a bill to offer free “college-now” courses for ANY class at a local community college. You must be a student to any educational institute with a .edu domain to become a programmer for almost free legally. I myself attend my local community college and it is free enrollment. Almost anyone can attend a community college and get the school’s resources for attending only one class.

After you are all signed up and get an email address from your school, you can legally get free software to learn from almost every large corporation. Microsoft offers student’s free Visual Studio Licenses, free Windows Publishing licenses, free Windows Server OS, and much more! You can register at to get this!

After getting free software, you can now learn by yourself either from YouTube’s like Bucky Roberts, or by trial and error. Thanks for reading this post and let the compiler have faith in your code!


Katy Pillman

Katy Pillman is the Lead Programmer for Tactician Studios LLC. She is young, but experienced in the technical field, and writes in her free-time. △ ◎ × □

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