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Are you looking for a bluetooth keyboard that is small, but not too small and certainly not too big?  Well, the Logitech Keyboard is a product you might want to check out.  Why?  Because it is small, light and for those of us who do not use the NumberPad to the right, it is perfect!  Fits just fine in a small backpack or as a carry-about.

Wait, it does not stop there, it is totally solar powered or any light source can charge it.  No, not a dimly lit room, but something with good lighting.  This is perfect for using with your tablet devices, along with Sony PS3, OUYA and ANY bluetooth enable devices that take input.

Wait, one more thing, at the press of a pre-programmed switcher, you can have the product connect three individual devices without have to re-pair it to them.  That means, say you’re typing a review like this on your iPad, but then you got a message on your PS3 and need to write a little longer than normal reply, you hit Switch One, example for iPad, then Switch Two for PS3.  And you can go back and forth at will.

Okay, okay, for you guys who must have the NumerPad, there is the Logitech K750.  I’ve been using the K760 for over 6 months now to type most of my reviews here, and even super long posts on facebook, while eating lunch on and off.  A friend actually bought the K750 (to my surprise) and he loves it.  They operate both about the same.  He is a PC Gamer and he uses it on his PC, PS3 and PS4.  Though I did not ask if he uses it for gaming on the PC.

Pros: This product is pretty awesome, NO BATTERIES, not super sturdy, but no where near flimsy.  This is a portable replacement for a keyboard that can be used as a full-time keyboard.  No wires or batteries, you’re saving money right there out of the box.

Cons: Remember to disable bluetooth when walking over to the other side of the house, (iPad mainly), you can’t access certain screens, nor can access a keyboard while it is connected until you disable the connection (iOS8 may have fixed that, but I disable from habit now).  Also, the angle is a bit too horizontal.  In your lap, on the go is somewhat okay.  Myself personally, I took a cardboard box flap and folded it in half and it works great on a flat surface or on my lap.  I’m not much for a keyboard being in my lap, but this feels ‘comfortable’ when having to kneel.

Do I recommend it?  Yes!  But be sure if you need or do not need the NumberPad.  It does make a user experience.




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