Achieve SQL MDF File Recovery Using DBCC CHECKDB!

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sql-recoverySQL Server management can be a difficult task for data administrator especially when cases like database corruption encounters. SQL Server is meant to store very crucial data and the database inaccessibility can put a roadblock in your work flow. One can take precautions with the databases but cannot make it completely shielded from any type of corruptions. Keeping a backup can be a better approach but this also needs to be kept maintaining file integrity. So what can be possible solutions to achieve SQL MDF file recovery? Let us see in detail;

Inbuilt SQL Server Checks Can Be Availed:

SQL Server provides some inbuilt methods to repair the databases at Server level. The primary checks are used to run on daily basis to check the consistency of the databases. But some are more advance and are used to repair the databases. These checks are to check the object allocation and integrity of structure. DBCC CHECKDB for checking file integrity;



These arguments can be used be used to repair the database. REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS is one step ahead as it also includes the allocation and de-allocation of rows and pages to correct the errors belonging to allocation. This command de-allocates the affected page and modifies the page links in such a way that it never existed. It also involves the structural row or page errors repair and deletion of corrupted text objects.

Note: It is recommended that the repair must be done under a user transaction allowing user to roll back the changes made. If the repairs done are rolled back the database can be fetched back from its backup and the deletion part will be avoided.

However, these repair check commands can affect your databases if you are not having any backup. This is because the repair checks can delete some data which is not recognized or is corrupted. And in case your SQL database is having too much of corruption, then the database will be available but the corrupted part will be deleted and you will not be able to get back the original (although corrupted) SQL database.

What to Do Under Case of Severe Corruption?

In case your SQL database is highly corrupted then there is likelihood of deletion of lot of data which can be important also. To avoid such kind of data deletion or data loss it is better not to take chances with these SQL Checks and instead directly go for more convenient way. You can take help of a third party tool such as SQL Recovery which can tackle every type of corruption issues in SQL database providing SQL MDF file recovery.



This Company is an established data recovery firm and deals with data recovery from different file types. SQL Recovery is one amongst list of solutions which deals with the SQL MDF file recovery.

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