The Robots Are Here, Are You Replaceable

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The day many have wondered and dreamed about has come and gone and not many have noticed.  The day we will have robot workers.  Are you laughing?  Check the industrial and automotive industry.

Or if you want a closer look, let’s examine ‘self-checkout’ or ATMs; two things that have been here for over two decades.  The robots are here and are upgrading and enhancing our lives.

Enhancing?  Or are they?  Who’s saving time to enjoy life?  But let’s jump to today, 2014.  Baxter the Robot, something I have been following casually for about 4 or so years under some other name I can not remember.

The question I posed to myself in 2010 or so, “What are we going to do to feed our families and have society if there are no jobs for us to make money?”

This is an issue that does not seem serious, but it may become VERY serious come 2025.

How Robots are made and can be used

Knightscope K5 (Police bot)

Humans Need Not Apply (MUST WATCH)

More Short Reading

From self-driving cars (taxi services), drones with cameras (security/surveillance), security bots (police) and more are developed and getting ready for real-world situations.

With so many cutting edge applications and ways unimaginable until it is created, what are we going to do?

The following is for entertainment, but how far off is it? 2075? (I want her battery, seriously.)

What are your thoughts on robots taking jobs?  Examine and Discuss as this is affect not only jobs, but production and manufacturing in an entirely new level.


Warren Galloway

Warren Galloway is a currently a freelance multimedia web designer. Is that even a title any more? Digital Media Specialist - You Want it Digitally, I can do it. "Eli for President, we should be happy, but also very afraid."

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  1. dominic1995 November 7, 2014 at 11:48 am

    cool, but I can see the concern about jobs.

  2. Warren Galloway November 7, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Yeh, who would have thought something so cool be so blunt? Happy-sad moment in history.

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