Should You Learn Hacking ?

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As a pen-tester and white-hat I find that the best defence against hackers is actually becoming one yourself!

Now wait a minute Jason, what do you mean become a hacker? Isn’t that a bad thing? Well no not really, not if you stick to a few simple rules which are.
Firstly, stick to hacking your own virtual machines and using your own network and your own non-important email accounts, Second NEVER hack a network unless you have signed permission to do so for penetration testing, Lastly learn what hacking tools are capable of and use them properly, not knowing what you are actually doing may cause a bigger problem of which you may not be capable to fix.
So why should I learn hacking ? Well once you learn what hacker tools can do, you know how they work, and what to watch out for. So with the new information that you’ve gained by learning hacking you will be able to defend yourself against them. Here is an example! Say you have an email account that you use for your business website, however you haven’t created a good enough password for it. So you have a disgruntled customer who decided he/she is going to try and Crack your account and use your information for nefarious purposes, he/she then goes and downloads a Linux OS preferably Backtrack/Kali and then he/she decided to try out some of the included tools and goes to town on bombarding your account with login attempts, using a program called Hydra.

Hydra is a powerful password cracking tool that is command line based, but also has a GUI option. With hydra you can also download common password lists to use for cracking the email accounts using hydra . So the disgruntled customer launches his/her attack and is able to break the password and begins ordering Porn using your information which is in the emails, not only can the disgruntled customer compromise your identity and bank accounts with the information found within your emails, but if he/she becomes skilled in hacking and cracking he/she may then decided to use that information to deface and take down your websites causing thousand or sometimes millions of dollars in damages.

See how easy it was for the customer to take down the business, I mean just one hacker with the right knowledge can take down multiple businesses. The lesson here is if the owner of the site knew a little bit about the capabilities of cracking programs like hydra then maybe he/she would have used a stronger password. So when if comes down to it, knowledge is power, the more you know about cracking/hacking the safer you will be. This can be said for all methods whether its cracking a business email or injecting a site with malicious code.

I know what you are thinking, How do I know this? Do I have personal experience with this? The answer is yes, a few years ago I started a News website which included controversial topics. After a few months of the site being live I started to receive notifications of login attempts, long story short my site was broken into and was being redirected to a Government site from there the hacker/s were able to obtain my information and begin deploying attack methods to my local system, which if I wasn’t skilled in that area then I wouldn’t have found out that was happening. So after having this happen and regaining control of the site and taking countermeasure to hacking attacks being sent to my local systems, I began delving into the world of hacking, and to tell you the truth I discovered I am good at it and enjoy it. So now that I have this knowledge I have decided to share it and teach others about the risks and vulnerabilities by launching a second site based on Security and Penetration.

What did I get from learning hacking?
I have not only secured my websites and help others do the same, but also I have a greater knowledge and awareness of hackers and what they are capable of. So the next time you think, I’m going to use an easy password because its just to hard to type a few extra characters remember the story of the disgruntled customer.
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  1. ebey November 3, 2014 at 3:52 am

    Nice article ,saw Eli’s video ,his summed view point was

    Firs’t rule of hacking you do not talk about hacking

    Second rule of hacking you absolutely do not talk about hacking

    • TheDiabeticGeek November 3, 2014 at 1:38 pm

      Same here! And I absolutely agree! For me if your a black or Grey Hat then yes absolutely do not speak about it! But the article is really for the beginners who wish to learn pentesting and white hat! Thank you for commenting, I live in the comment section! 😀

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